About GEF - GEF Consulting
GEF Consulting has a strong and well-established practice providing Information Technology Management Consulting services to public sector organizations in the Province of Ontario.
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About GEF


Founded in 1997, GEF Consulting Inc. (commonly pronouced as “G-E-F” or “GEFF”) is a Toronto based management and IT consultancy that provides services on complex engagements to both Public and Private sector clients.  GEF has been actively consulting to leading institutions for over 19 years.  GEF’s consulting experience within the Ontario Public Sector and Broad Public Sector has been profound and extensive (See below for the Vendors of Record list we are on).


GEF focuses on three vertical markets:

  • Healthcare / Digital Health
  • Public Sector (Canadian Provincial & Federal)
  • Financial Services

Corporate philosophy

GEF’s corporate philosophy is underpinned by the following tenets:

  • Integrity – we adhere to the highest ethical standards in both external and internal relationships – this is non-negotiable
  • Disciplined & Focused – we don’t try to be everything to everyone – we only focus in our areas of competence and where our capabilities are world class
  • Think Long Term – we seek to develop long term strategic relationships with our clients and suppliers. As a few client examples in Healthcare, eHealth Ontario has been a client since 2007, CIHI since 2006 and Shoppers Drug Mart since 2007.
  • Nimble – we don’t want or have ever intended to be a large consulting firm – this enables us to be responsive, more proactive and develop deeper relationships with our clients

GEF understands Government

As a testament to our extensive experience with the Ontario Government and the Broader Public Sector (BPS), GEF is on the three key vendor of record (VOR) arrangements with the Ontario Provincial Government:

  1.  Management Consulting Services VOR # OSS-00426611
  2.  I&IT Solutions Consulting Services VOR # OSS_00461242
  3.  Task-based Information and Information Technology (I&IT) Services VOR # OSS-00430429

Similarly, with the Canadian Government, GEF is on the equivalent supply arrangements (TBIPS and TSPS).

Service Offerings / Practices

GEF has six practices / service areas:

Business Transformation (Organizational Design, Change Management & Business Process Redesign)

Strategic Execution (Portfolio, Program and Project Management)

Strategic Sourcing (Complex IT Procurement Advisory)

Business Architecture (Enterprise, Business & Solution Architecture)

Enterprise Information Management  (Advanced & Predictive Analytics)

Digital Transformation (Digital Health and Beyond)

If you are an Ontario based Government client, we would say it differently – we would say GEF provides consulting services in the following “service categories” (as defined by the Ontario Government Management Consulting Services VOR #OSS-00426611), namely:

  1. Business Metrics, Performance Management and Process Improvement Services
  2. Business Process Assessment and Integration Services
  3. Organizational Effectiveness Services
  4. Organizational Transformation Services
  5. Procurement Advisory & Fairness Services
  6. Program Management Services
  7. Project Management Services
  8. Strategic Management and Planning Services