Strategic Execution - GEF Consulting
GEF Consulting has a strong and well-established practice providing Information Technology Management Consulting services to public sector organizations in the Province of Ontario.
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Strategic Execution

Our Strategic Execution practice is the industry benchmark – it is no wonder leading firms turn to us when they need assistance with complex strategic initiatives that need to be properly managed and delivered.

The level we operate at here represents the most complex type of initiatives – business and digital transformational initiatives spanning multiple lines of business and IT, the management of multiple international vendors / system integrators (SI), complex organizational structures, multi-jurisdictional span, complex stakeholder environments, large diversified teams, politically complex environments and initiatives with burns rates exceeding $100K per day.

The Facts

“88% of organizations say executing strategy is essential to remain competitive yet nearly 50% of strategic initiatives are unsuccessful” – The Economist, Intelligence Unit, June 2013

“At best, there is a 1 in 3 chance of success, without a high alignment of projects & program to strategy.– Project Management Institute (PMI), 2014

The Answer

Align investments in projects, programs and operations to strategy through proper portfolio management


Turn to a firm that has been doing this successfully for 20+ years in order to avoid the above statistics.  We call it “Strategic Execution”.   Strategy is about “doing the right work”.  Execution is about “doing the work right”.  Our services within this service category encompass:

Program Consulting Services

  • Third Party Reviews
  • Program Setup
  • Agile Project Setup
  • Program Health Checks


  • Program Management of Large, Complex Programs
  • Resource Augmentation
  • Turnaround of Programs
  • Execution Planning for Large Programs

Process Development

  • Portfolio / Program Management Office Stand Up
  • Centre of Expertise (CoE) Stand Up (Risk, Business Architecture, Requirements)
  • Lean Six Sigma


  • Strategy, Stakeholder & Schedule Workshops
  • Leadership Orientations
  • Various Program and Agile Workshops
  • Program Management & Agile Frameworks