Why GEF? - GEF Consulting
GEF Consulting has a strong and well-established practice providing Information Technology Management Consulting services to public sector organizations in the Province of Ontario.
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Why GEF?

Why GEF?

“Because we don’t wear hockey pants.”

That line is from the the 2008 Christopher Nolan movie “The Dark Knight”.  Although humourous, we feel it so aptly answers the very serious question: “Why GEF?”

In the consulting business, there are many well intentioned “impostors”.  But clients need the real experts.  There is an old saying – “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”

According to our satisfied clients, factors that set GEF apart from other firms are:

  • We provide senior level expertise on consulting assignments rather than the leveraged model (junior staff) of the larger firms
  • We use proprietary methodologies that are battle-tested and refined as a result of real world experience
  • We are much more responsive to our clients needs as we are a regionally focused firm.  We ask ourselves constantly – “What is right for the client?”
  • We cater and customize our advice to each and every client organization rather than use re-packaged material – how many times have clients received reports with other client’s name in the header and footer from other consultancies?
  • We provide high value, quality consulting with actionable output and furthermore, provide assistance with implementing our recommendations, if desired / required. A number of firms seek to “impress” their clients with a high quantity of documentation – however it’s not the quantity that matters but rather the quality and whether it can be actioned on to support the business goals.  We know where to focus and know pragmatically what is required and what is not.  We are our client’s trusted partner.